The first impression is the only impression.

1:  Thoroughly clean whole house (vacuum

     carpet, mop hard floors, clean  

     countertops, clean windows). 

2:  Turn all overhead lights and lamps ON

3:  Replace all burned out light bulbs

4:  Turn all TVs, computer screens and

     ceiling fans OFF

5:  Open blinds/window treatments to let

     in outside light.

6:  Remove personal photographs and


7:  Make all beds.

8:  De-clutter and depersonalize your

     house. Store half of your stuff. 

     Do not jam things in the closet because

     all buyers check the closets (under the

     bed has worked for me.)

9:  You won’t get your money back if you  

     do a huge improvement project

     before you put your house on the  

     market. Consider updates like fresh

     paint, a nicely landscaped yard,

10: Maximize the light in your home. Take

      down the drapes, clean the windows, 

      increase the wattage of your light bulbs

      and cut the bushes outside to let in sun.


1:  Wash the dirt, mildew, and general 

     grunge off the outside of your house and

     power-wash the roof.
2:  Paint the exterior of your home if needed.
3:  Missing, curled, or faded shingles add

     nothing to the look or value of your

4:  Repair hanging gutters, cracked front

     steps, or peeling paint.
5:  Remove all vehicles from driveway and

     do not park directly in front of the house.
6.  Move garbage cans out of sight. Hide

     all and sprinklers.
7:  If you have a pool, remove the pool

     cover, cleaning equipment and any pool

8:  Mow and rake yard. Sweep driveway,

     sidewalks and patios.

9. Move all cars away from the house.